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why, howdy stranger February 16, 2011

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So life has been crazy. No excuses.  A lot of changes have been going on that I haven’t really discussed on here yet. I am sure the only people who read this thing are pretty up to speed with the goings on, so I probably don’t need to get in to it much!

Life is good. I have 3 weeks left in Chicago, and then Will and I are off to West Virginia. :::insert banjo tunes::::  Joe and I have been discussing priorities, what we want out of life, and what we want for our family. We came to the decision to move to family. There weren’t many jobs back in Wisconsin, and an awesome opportunity came up in WV. So….thats kind of how it happened.

We are in the process of buying a house in a little neighborhood right outside the city limits. Kind of exciting stuff.

This month has been really tough on me. On all of us. Joe has been in WV for the last 4 weeks. I have managed both Will and I through 3 weeks of sickness, a massive snow storm. SO YEA. I am nervous to leave; leave my career (although I am going to do a little consulting work on the side), leave the craziness of the city – all for the opportunity to stay at home with my baby. Terrified, yes.

I am sure good things are to come for us with this move. I know it is going to be an adjustment and a road ahead.


Tales from the homefront December 2, 2010

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The signs are there. There is freshly baked coffee cake in the oven. Laundry is folded and put away. Dinner is made from scratch, and not out of the box. Holy crap, maybe I am becoming domestic!

I have learned to lower my standards. I am not even close to the talent of Ms Martha Stewart. The woman who does it all, the woman that makes me feel inferior to all things domestic. I feel like I am lucky to get clean sheets on the bed every other week (GASP!).

Yup, that’s what happens when you try to do it all. Cleaning, cooking, paying the bills, keeping the boy entertained, working a 40+ hr a week job. Of course Joe is a lot of help, but I still feel a lot of weight on my shoulders of trying to emulate that “perfect mom” appearance. I have actually been having a lot of fun with it lately; trying to forget about what people think maybe “I should be” and focus more on “who I want to be”. I have been putting a little more time into preparation for the week on Sunday. Trying to slow things down so that my week isn’t so painful. Lots of cooking, playtime, and maybe even a nap!

I feel like I am able to give more of myself when I don’t have expectations of myself. It is refreshing – you should try it 😉


Hip Hip Hooray…or rather boo December 1, 2010

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I haven’t talked on here about my struggles with my chronic hip pain, as I try to keep the blog free of complaining. I said try, right?!

I have been struggling with chronic hip/leg/back pain ever since Will was born. I thought it would go away on its own, but the pain got worse and more frequent. I went to see my OB to make sure there weren’t complications from my c-section, and the ultrasound looked good. My primary care phyisican thought it sounded like pelvic instability and ordered me to physical therapy.

PT was a long and painful process. Twice a week for well over 5 months. The first month and a half I spent seeing a DPT (has a PhD), who was only making adjustments to my hips and not my SI joint. I finally started seeing someone who knew what they were doing, although I felt like I was still not making the progress I should have been.

Long story short, I was discharged from PT because my episodes of pain were managable to where I could adjust myself and be fine. Two months after discharge and the pain is as worse as ever.

It is so frustrating because of how much money and time has been spent towards this issue, and I am no better off. I am now awaiting results from some bloodwork and x-rays, but I highly doubt those will show anything. The next step is a MRI, but I can’t have that schedule until I get the results back from the tests.

It is difficult to manage day to day when I can barely walk. To carry Will around the house, or to and from the car is a gigantic feat. Taking the muscle relaxants only gives me small relief, but it makes me extremly tired. I am struggling to keep my eyes open as we speak!

Hopefully I will have some answers soon.


I have been inspired November 7, 2010

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I have been having visions of a different outlook on life lately. Unfortantely this comes to the expense of my employer, however I am burnt out. I am sick to death of working every weekday and weekend night after Will goes to bed. These past few weeks have been liberating. Although I am still putting in 10 hours at the office, I am able to go home and completely forget about work. It feels GOOD.

I have been having daydreams that are turned into reality of made from scratch meals. Some daydreams are still daydreams – like having a single family home (BOO condo living!) with a fenced in yard. A garden where I could grow all of our own veggies and even some fruits. Days of visiting the library, becoming regulars at the park….ahhhh that sounds like the life! Tantrums, nap strikes, food throwing at meal times. Ok…snaping out of my daydream just a bit 😉

William is such a ham. We really had a blast this weekend. A few toodler moments, but he is an awesome kid. I really think we hit the jackpot with him on how well behaved he is.

I took Will to the library and Barnes and Noble with a friend and her little one. Will had so much fun, and he plays so well with other kids. He is so easy going, and such a great “sharer”. Even a former nanny at B&N complemented Will on his well-mannered behavior and his attention span with the train set.

Will has started saying “EI-EI-O” which is a riot. I also giggle still over all his “uh-ohs” – I will never get sick of that one! He also loves the show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”. He claps along, and when the do the home reveal, he gasps and covers his mouth. It is hilarious!

Tonight is somewhat sad. I always hate Sunday nights knowing that I am not going to have family snuggle time in the morning. I have to travel to Denver this week too, so I will especially miss my little guy. The travel will make this week hopefully fly though. I also am doing a panel for Chicago Booth Business school’s moms group. I hope I can provide another interesting perspective on this whole juggling work/mommy thing. Sometimes I feel like I struggle in this area, and other times I feel like I have it down pat (like these past few weeks!).


Happy Halloween! November 1, 2010

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This year was Will’s first legitamite Halloween, and it was a blast!

When we got Will suited up, he was amazed at what he saw in the mirror. He ran up to it and started kissing the mirror. I guess you can say he loved his costume!  We went Trick or Treating with a bunch of the kids from our condo. The older kids were on to the 3rd house by the time we were done with our first, but it was nice to go out as a group!

Will did awesome. I was very suprised that he took right too it. Typically he is a very shy little boy, but he went right up to the door and stood in line for his turn! He even held up his bucket for his treat. I was kind of suprised considering we didn’t show him how it worked beforehand.  He got a little frightened at one of the houses where a man was wearing a really scary mask. He floped right now and was not moving…he was obviously not having that!

We made it up and back 3 blocks, and at the last house Will went right up to the door and tried opening it. The majority of people were out on their porches handing out candy, so Will went right up to the door and tried to open it! The man answered the door, and Will and Lily barged right on in!  They saw a dog, and were determined to go pet it. They apparently ran into their living room and pet the dog for a good 5 mintues! Luckily the homeowner was all over it, and couldn’t stop laughing. 15 months, and breaking and entering. Great!


Notice a pattern?! September 20, 2010

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AHHH! It seems like every spare moment I get is either spending time with the family, working, or tidying up the casa. I feel like I barely have time to shower, let alone blog. Ergh.

We have had lots of fun –filled weekends.

2 weekends ago we traveled up to Kenosha to visit an “apple orchard.” I put it in quotations because it hardly seemed like an apple orchard. This place was the biggest kitchy overpriced orchard that I have ever seen. Honestly lame – $40 for a bag of apples! It was also a madhouse. I was very disappointed in our experience, and will taking Will elsewhere for pumpkins.  Joe ended up taking us over to North Beach State Park. I was very surprised that they don’t charge per vehicle to enter – which isn’t the case in Wisconsin or Indiana. It was beautiful!

We spent a lot of time sitting on the beach, playing in the sand (or Will’s case, eating the sand) and searching for pebbles.

Will also rode his 4-wheeler on the path. It was quite hilarious!

This past weekend was busy! Saturday we went to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Evanston. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of quality vendors. There as a woman there selling beautiful knit hats for $25 – I am still contemplating buying one. Will also tipped a children’s folk singer, so she let him play with her instruments and she sang him a few fun songs. Will also had his first taste of apple cider, and he picked me out a few apples to bring home for snacks.

Speaking of snacks…. Will’s favorite new thing is to go in the cupboards and bring me endless boxes of raisins. He seriously ate 5 boxes last night.

We then made a trip over to the library, which I might add is quite beautiful. If you live in the Evanston area, I highly suggest checking it out. The children’s area is quite amazing, and the librarians are some of the sweetest (and knowledgeable) ladies!  Will found a few books to bring home, and Dad found a few too J That said, Will is huge into dinosaurs right now. We found several dino toys in the Target $1 bin, and they are his favorite toys at the moment. I get a kick out of him when he makes “roar” noises as he plays.  He loves to read about dinosaurs too. He actually enjoys the fact books more than the fictional ones, which is actually pretty cool because I am learning something too. I know that a stegosaurus had a battle club for a tail to fight off hungry meat-eating dinos, and that the troodon was a small, but very fast dinosaur that was covered in feathers. Yep, hanging out on a Friday night with dino books is what all the cool kids are doing. Jealous?

Will is also into trucks. He ‘vrooms’ his cars all over the kitchen and living room.  $1 Target bin sand toys – seriously, I love Target!

We also went to the Brookfield Zoo this weekend. Will giggled tremendously at the penguins that swam past him. It was precious. He manages to melt my heart more and more every day. He also loved the camel. It was one of the first animals he saw at the zoo – he pointed and yelled his little heart out. He was just a tad excited J I loved taking him to the zoo. Although I am making sure that a nice wagon goes on the list for Will to give to Santa this year. That would have made things a lot easier!

Here is a pic from Will’s photo shoot with Jenica.  As always, she takes simply amazing pictures of him!


No more peanuts for “my peanut” September 2, 2010

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I have been awful about updating this…AGAIN. Life has seriously been chaotic, so at least I have an excuse – right? Right? Yeah, didn’t think so.

So much has happened in the last few weeks! Will’s two lonesome teeth were joined by another 9 in a matter of 2 weeks – 3 of them being molars. Awesome. Seriously, fun times at our house these past few weeks! I feel bad for him, that has to be horribly painful. We got these homeopathic pellets that we crush in warm water that have been my savior. Highly recommend them!

Will has taken a liking to dinosaurs. He wants me to read his favorite book “Dino Stomp” at least 20 times every night, and I glady oblige. He also stomps and growls like a dino. It is too freaking adorable! I also found a few dino figurines in the Target $1 bin that have become his new go-to toys. LOVE the $1 bin! Love Target! We have found his favorite books and toys there!

We also had our first allergist appointment a few weeks ago. I love his doc, she is very down to earth. It is a starter practice, and the doctors are younger – and they really “get” us. Dr. Murthy spent over 2 hours with us at that appointment. She ended up doing a skin prick test on his back. A lot of people think, including myself before this appointment, that they test for everything. They actually don’t – only select things that have been a possible suspect in the past. She also did a few common household allergies, like cats and dust mites.

And… this post was interupted by a throwing up Will. He has a little residual post dasal drip, and that mixed with milk = no good. I just got him out of the bath, and I am attempting to get done with work early so we can head out for our mini road trip to WV. Work, mixed with washing sheets and blankets. Should make for a fun morning.

Lots to do before we leave, but promise to give some more updates once we get back.